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Everything you need to know about operator positioning

    1. Welcome Video

    2. What is Dental Ergonomics?

    3. Pre-Course Survey

    4. Focus for this Course

    5. Why is Ergonomics so Important?

    1. Neutral Posture.pdf

    2. Order of Operations.pdf

    1. Copy of Standing Neutral Posture

    1. Copy of How to adjust your stool

    2. Copy of seated neutral.pdf

    3. Seated Neutral Posture

    4. Copy of Shifting your weight forward

    1. Operator Positioning

    2. Easy Landmark!

    3. Get these legs outta the way!

    4. Clock Positions

    1. How to Stand while Practicing

Got positioning issues? This course is for YOU!

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5 star rating

Operator Positioning

Kristi Hesse

Excellent introductory course on operator positioning!

Excellent introductory course on operator positioning!

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5 star rating

Operator postioning


Nice refresher!

Nice refresher!

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